Achieving real opportunities for young adults to reject tobacco.

Glad you found us, and glad you’re interested in quitting tobacco and/or electronic nicotine devices (e-cigs, hookah, vape pens …)

Live Vape Free
Most kids and teens have heard about vaping from someone, often their peers. They need to hear from the adults in their lives, too. The Live Vape Free Program is focused on supporting parents and other concerned adults with the vaping epidemic. This online learning program is designed to provide the insights needed for getting started, tips and tools, and resources for ongoing support.

Under age 18? While you can’t enroll in Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line coaching sessions until you are 18, a quit coach can send you a quit kit with information about quitting tobacco. Nicotine replacement products (NRTs) are FDA-approved for adults ages 18 and over who want to quit smoking. If you are under 18, please consult your healthcare provider.

Are you ready to quit?

Call the Quit Line for your quit kit and check out these resources below for more support!

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But don’t stop here, read on … there’s support to assist your quit, both locally and nationally!

Keep your motivation to quit strong with these facts:

You lose control with nicotine – it’s a highly addictive drug – more addictive than cocaine or heroin, according to the U.S. Surgeon General. Because the adolescent brain is still developing, nicotine use during adolescence can disrupt the formation of brain circuits that control attention, learning, and susceptibility to addiction.

  • Tobacco companies have increased nicotine levels in cigarettes, making quitting more difficult and addicting new smokers (children) more quickly.
  • Ammonia and acetaldehyde are two chemicals that they add to tobacco to increase addictive properties – meant to keep you addicted!

E-Cigarettes – same nicotine problem, and short-term use of e-cigarettes has been shown to impair lung function, resulting in difficulty breathing. E-cigarette aerosol is not harmless “water vapor” and is not as safe as clean air.

The Cost of Smoking Addiction
Smoking by teens and young adults can cause serious and potentially deadly health issues immediately and into adulthood. Risks include reduced lung function and growth, and early cardiovascular disease.

16-TPC-0900-Website-infographics-1A-RKThe Tobacco Industry is not your friend. Secret tobacco documents reveal they intentionally target teens as “replacement smokers” for their customers who die from tobacco use. Want to trust a product that comes from these guys who know their product will make you really sick and kill you? 

“We are, then, in the business of selling nicotine, an addictive drug.” Addison Yeaman, General Counsel to Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company, 1963

“Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential regular customer, and the overwhelming majority of smokers first begin to smoke while still in their teens …The smoking patterns of teenagers are particularly important to Phillip Morris.” – Phillip Morris, (source: Special Report, “Young Smokers: Prevalence, Trends, Implications, and Related Demographic Trends.” 1981)

Looking for work is already a challenge for teens – tobacco use can make it harder:

There are many forces at work that will make using tobacco more difficult:

  • Statewide smokefree workplace laws (including e-cigs!)
  • Many companies, as well as schools and universities, do not allow tobacco  – not only inside office buildings but also on their property
  • Many companies won’t hire smokers.
  • Looking at a career in the military? These days even the armed forces are discouraging tobacco use – they know it compromises troop physical fitness!