Video and Radio PSAs

Alaska's Tobacco Quit Line video messages can be viewed on YouTube.

You can follow Alaska's Tobacco Quit Line messages on Facebook. 

Video PSAs

E-Cigarettes 101
A video discussing that e-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals and a high nicotine concentration. Video discusses shapes and sizes of e-cigarettes as well as flavoring designed to appeal to teens.

Too Easy PSA
A teen speaks to her social media following about how bad vaping was for her, how discretely vapes are designed to look, and about how hard they are to quit. She pleads for parents to talk to teens about vaping.

Video depicts a young woman facing multiple life disruptions from smoking, including excusing herself from her friends at the coffee shop in order to smoke and not being able to jog with her group because she is too winded. She schedules a healthcare appointment and receives a resource for Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line.

Video of children enjoying treats such as cotton candy, apple pie, cookies and a banana split. Narrator discusses e-cigarette popularity with children due to the vaping industry’s extensive, ‘fun’ flavor selection intended to prey on youth.

Radio PSAs for Youth

Lab Rat
Are you willing to be a test subject? Learn more about the long-term health impacts from vapes.

Radio PSAs for Parents

E-Cig 101: Learn more about what's in e-cigarette aeresol.
Learn more about the impacts of vaping nicotine on your teen's brain.