Animated Videos

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Health Risks- Chemicals
Video sharing facts about cancer-causing chemicals that can be found in vapes.

Health Risks- Metals
Video sharing facts about toxic metals that can be found in vapes.

You Lose
A Pong game simulation where a cigarette bounces a ball at a pair of lungs, slowly destroying them until eventually stating, “you lose.”

Brain Traffic
Video depicts cars stuck in traffic with dark clouds above. The lanes mimic the grooves of the human brain. The video states that not smoking or vaping will clear things up, leading to better memory and mood.

Mental Health
Video focusing on mental health stating that vaping can increase anxiety, stress and depression.

Video stating that vaping increases your chances of addiction.

Video focusing on money stating that vaping can cost thousands of dollars a year

Brain Development
Video focusing on impacts of nicotine on brain development.